Exchange Listings for $CRED


Thanks for the hard work!

I know it’s another small exchange, but have you looked into Idex?

Their token submission form.


This is a small exchange, but haven’t had any problems with it and it works pretty good. Might want to look into this one:


DUDE, do everyone a favor spend the 4.6 BTC for Cryptopia. Invest in your business and you’ll reap all the rewards. All the gems are there and it’s safer than ED. Do you not like money or is it because you’ve spent it all on Lambos? You’ll make it back once it lists.


Thank you. See my reply below. It’s a drop in the bucket compared to what the volume would be.


We’ve actually attempted Cryptopia again it is around 29 BTC.


If we make it to Huobi or OKex, some crazy Korean FOMO will kick in. I say at least 100M cap within a month.


No, Cryptopia is absolutely not worth $0.5m, they list too many coins.

Kucoin is much much more worth it, do whatever it takes to get on there first. They are doubling their volume every few days and they have a good reputation for adding good projects, it would be a huge marketing boost for this project and would pave the way to easy/cheap adoption in other exchanges like Binance.


I agree with that. Cryptopia isn’t worth 0.5M and Kucoin should be quite cheap to list I guess?


Hi everyone. Love the transparency of this!

I came across Verify last week and after a lot of reading/research I decided to invest. It’s a great project with plenty of potential.

I saw this thread and felt I should comment on the difficulty I had in buying Verify. I’m far from an expert in crypto but I wouldn’t count myself as a novice. I managed to finally buy some CRED on EtherDelta but it took me the guts of a day and I think its safe to say that this coin will never take off unless it gets listed on a major exchange. The majority of coins going to the moon these days are coins with a solid idea/project that new users to crypto are jumping on. I’ve no doubt that if/when CRED gets added to the likes of somewhere like Kucoin or Binance it’ll take off.

I purchased my CRED on YoBit initially because I’ve never used an ether wallet/exchange and was reluctant in case I made a mistake. After purchasing my CRED on YoBit I wasn’t happy at all as the price was constantly fluctuating due to the low volume on the exchange. I hence sold my CRED for Ethereum and transferred across to EtherDelta. Unlucky for me that I’d done this early this morning…hence I got hit big time with the price increase.

It took me hours to carefully follow instructions on how to create a EtherDelta account and then transfer to a myetherwallet - personally I’d never leave tokens on either of these exchanges as they seem dodgy as hell.

Anyways, thought I’d share my experience. As I said; I’m not experienced in crypto but with the level of difficulty in researching how to buy CRED I can say with confidence that an entry level crypto person would definitely never purchase it.

Anyways, sorry for the rant! I’m not complaining. I’m very impressed with the project and team and think the coin has huge potential. I’m just pointing out the above from my perspective as to why I think this coin will never reach a large market cap without being listed on a decent exchange. It looks like its a work in progress which is awesome :slight_smile:

I’ve had a look at the comments above and have to agree that although it might be a large investment for the Verify team to pay to get listed on a bigger exchange, I think it would definitely ultimately pay off. Once people see or start talking about this coin it’ll undoubtedly take off - has a strong project idea, team and community.





Any of the above listing will boost the CRED value. Try fixing the issues with them.

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I suppose you haven’t seen how much their coins do in a day


Different to what seems to be popular belief here, I’m all against listing on Cryptopia as a priority. I can’t take as a serious project a coin which is listed only there. If anything KuCoin should be a priority if there is the need to pay for listing. Of course the ideal would be Binance but as a starting point KuCoin should work to get more popularity. Let’s keep in mind that listing into KuCoin/Binance is not only a way to reach more investors but also a marketing move. Is not investing into pumping the price but rather the future growth of the project by itself.


I bought my first batch of CRED on EtherDelta and it was a very frustrating process that took me hours and I would not consider myself a total crypto noob. I only “invested” that amount of time because I had done my research and plan to be in this for the long term. You just can’t expect the average person to spend half a day to buy some CRED.

I consider KuCoin a good fit for CRED given it’s rapidly increasing trading volume. Even if it ain’t free to get listed there. As the KuCoin exchange grows, so will their listing fees. In that regard investing early to get listed on a growing exchange might be not so different from investing in a great crypto project early on. I trust the team to make a good investment here.

The simple fact that it is so hard to purchase CRED is also what makes me hesitant to spread the word about it. Because there is no place I can recommend to anyone to buy CRED considering the current options. Hence a lot of community effort to promote Verify is wasted, simply because the bar to get into it right now is too high. Plus many people that would like to get onboard end up investing into another project that might not be as good, but easier to invest in.


Guys, you need to be patient, hodl strong. It will come really soon.



Hi Verify community :slight_smile:
If you didn’t know CoinFalcon is running a vote to list coin on their exchange. CoinFalcon is not that big but it could grow fast as it is also able to trade fiat (i.e BTC/Euro). Also their UI is very user friendly.
So what to do? Simple! Just register to CoinFalcon and deposit some CRED on your account, that’s it!
No hidden procedure, it’s free, your token won’t be locked (you can withdraw them anytime), the only inconvenient is 5 minute of your time. No need to deposit all your token, just 1 CRED is enough to vote (pls do it, it’s very useful for the project).

What’s next?
You want CRED listed on bigger exchange?
Some sources said that KuCoin is currently reviewing Verify. Moreover Verify team themselves told community to go on KuCoin telegram, Twitter etc and post constructive messages about CRED and ask KuCoin to list it (no spam, speak about the team, the project etc…).

Ps: Pro tip, grab some CRED now, it’s very cheap right now with the whales holding the price down :wink:


Come on guys, let’s vote Verify on Kucoin :wink:


Indeed @Engineering8 , everybody vote on Kucoin, TRON is catching up: . Only 8 votes ahead right now.

For those who still want to register on Kucoin, follow this link for the bonus programme:


vote for cred!!! in kucoin! Guys lets take the word out! Awesome! Even if tron gets first I think if we hit second place we will get listed there too :D:DD::D:D


CRED is now available for trading on CoinFalcon!