Exchange Listings for $CRED


Guys any update on these listings? It says these are updated daily but its been nearly two weeks since the last chase/update has been posted.

I.e. Last follow up Jan 10th/11th/12th…


this cred community…just 5k votes on kucoin while ebitcoin a shittyshitt token pump and dump token got 10k…I hope credteam can come with some solid announcements soon on the project…


We’ll post updates on here as soon as we get them: from KuCoin as well as others. Project updates will continue to take go out through our regular channels…


I understand we`re in a bear-market and all that but so far we have been listed on shitexchanges lets be honest. Therefore the lack of marketing itself. We really are not doing any marketing at all. Exchanges are a powerful way to get known worldwide as you ofc know. I am not complaining but compared to the shittcoins out there, we are doing really poorly in terms of liquidity AND marketing. That makes me wonder if the team has gotten itself in some dilemma or an obstacle that needs to solved before making a leap? Again, I may sound harsh but take this to heart that these are unspoken words that the whole of the community is feeling; I am quite sure of that. Again, I am only talking like this based on reference to other projects that couldn’t even hold a candle to you guys.

I am really looking forward to some news soon!

Kind regards,
A frustrated community member


The best marketing we can offer is actual progress, and progress takes time. I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s been just 45 days since the tokensale ended.

While we are putting effort into listing on exchanges, the message I share today is the same one I’ve shared from day 1: we’re in this for the long-term. Expectations must be calibrated accordingly.


Hey, have you thought about Bancor Network?


With your close ties to the Middle Eastern markets via EAT, I think it prudent to consider campaigning hard for listings on the new BitPado, in addition to other large, proven ME exchanges. The Middle East waking up to crypto will inject billions into the sector.

Similarly, are you working with ConsenSys on the Dubai announcement next month? The city is being rebuilt entirely on blockchain and, again, your extant ties with the Middle East make this a no-brainer partnership.


While it’s early for BitPado, Bitoasis and other exchanges to be listing alts, we’ll maintain open channels of communication with them so we’re set once they’re ready.


That sounds like a great plan. Thanks for the reply, Yazin.


I really hope we are going to see some progress on CRED hitting a decent exchange soon! It’s so frustrating seeing the value keep dropping!
How long before we get an update on the KuCoin listing?


We’ll share updates when we can. NDAs w/KuCoin prevent us from being more transparent about specific status


Well… you did put Kucoin on top of the list recently. Is it a coincidence ? :wink:


Hello team. How is it going with the weekly update? Been long no? Are we to expect some announcements soon or any updates to look forward to?


Per the last weekly update, the Verify team is no longer going to have weekly updates as before.

Not that there is anything wrong…but there is just no “new news” to share to warrant such an update.

And if you read between the lines, the team is quite obviously trying to move forward with a larger exchange listing. But two things are in play:

1) NDA: The surest way to screw up a listing is to screw up the NDA. Loose lips sink ships and all that. We just have to be patient.

2) TIMING: If a listing is being purchased by Verify on an exchange, KuCoin or otherwise, the timing of that launch is subject to mutual agreement. The timing of an exchange listing matters a lot towards the success of that listing.

Launches on exchanges should be done during conditions favorable to all parties involved. No one wants a coin to tank immediately upon listing, nor be pumped/dumped/flame out.

So for my two-cents, there is more upside to being patient.

Look at the totality of previous communication by the Verify team…then tell me their actions are not inline with this explanation?


Hi. I’m just wondering if there’s actual plans for CRED to be listed on a proper exchange? I’ve held CRED for quite a long time but its gotten to the stage now where its almost completely unaccessible…there’s no liquidity.

I really believe in the project but its gotten to the stage where I don’t know whether I should cut my losses. I’ve several friends that are all considering doing the same (or at least until it’s more accessible).


Hi budw1ser,
Indeed as EtherDelta is buggued and not accepting buy or sell orders there is almost no liquidity.
The team know that liquidity is important for the project, that’s why they have worked hard under the hood to get us listed. Apparently the work payed because few days ago Yazin commented on the Telegram community channel that we won’t have to worry about liquidity as a big exchange update was coming very soon :grinning:
The project is so undervalued for now because we don’t have much visibility to the common folks, this listing on a big exchange will bring us so much visibility I can’t wait for the official announcement :full_moon:


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waiting for binance and bittrex.I am a great lover of CRED and holding huge amount of Cred.I have a problem,Cred official telegram channel need to be more active.


Try to add Verify on DDex as they say “The Most User-Friendly
Decentralized Exchange for Ethereum-Based Tokens” .
Because idex and fork delta have problems, and ddex could be big in near future.


Thank you for the proposition