Where can I safely store my $CRED


Where can I safely store $CRED because EtherDelta gives me a heart attack every time.


Hardware wallets are best, since the private key never leaves the device. You could get a Ledger Nano or Trezor. Next best option is MyEtherWallet on an air-gapped computer.


Thanks so much for the quick response! I have a Nano S. Is it as simple as Just sending it there? I wasn’t sure if the Nano S supported it as it’s not listed on their website.


Yeah, CRED is an ERC-20 token so it’s supported by default. I’ve verified it on Ledger Nano with MyEtherWallet


Yazin thank you for being such a good part of the community, which is important in this business. Glad to see you are religious as well, just like me (although another religion).

My qs to you is: what is the process of sending to MEW? Do I have to do anything else but create a new account/adress on my already existing MEW and then withdraw them from etherdelta there?

Thank you/shukram/ ευχαριστο and al-Hamdu lillah/ κυριε ελεισον :slight_smile:


No, you’d just have to hit “Show All Tokens” and you should see it. There’s no manual load process, since it’s already recognized in MEW.



I have around 1000 CRED tokens in my wallet balance in Token Store.How do i export them to my PC and store it in an offline wallet?


You have to transfer them into a hardware wallet using MyEtherWallet. You would send them to Merge wallet firsr